Leathercraft - Introduction

For many years I made do with a random collection of tools loosely tossed into two plastic storage containers on the corner of my electronics workbench (tidied up especially for the photo) or thrown haphazardly into a plastic shopping bag for the occasional "house-call" to friends or family in need of technical support.

But, after pricking my finger for the umpteenth time while rummaging for a tool, I decided that it was about time to get organised and give my tools a proper home.

Even though my tools would most likely spend most of their working life on my workbench, I still wanted a mobile solution that would also allow me to carry my tools with me when the inevitable house-call occurred. To this end, I decided that a toolbag or case, rather than a pegboard or some other form of storage fixed to the wall alongside my bench would make for the most practical solution.

After making up a list of almost every conceivable tool that I might possibly need, now and in the future, and then whittling it down to something more realistic, a quick online search soon had me realise that not only are better quality toolbags not particularly cheap, but none would precisely suit my needs and that instead, a custom-designed bag might offer a better solution.

This is when my thoughts turned to try to make a custom bag for myself.
Thinking back to my student days when I had a vacation job working in a tannery, it dawned on me that a leather case would make for the ultimate toolbag. A bit of online research soon provided a wealth of information. I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how well-supported leatherwork is these days and just how easy it is to find both tools and material.

Jumping in and making a leather toolbag at the outset seemed far too ambitious for a first effort, so I decided instead to start with a few simpler items - I have yet to make my toolbag, it will happen one day, but in the meantime, I have really enjoyed making a range of other leather items for myself, family and friends.